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Eurodrip USA Celebrates 20 Years of Serving the USA and Manufacturing Quality Dripline 


Madera, CA– 2016 marks the 20th year that Eurodrip USA has been in business.  On April 14, 2016 Eurodrip USA hosted a ribbon cutting anniversary celebration. “Its quite amazing to be standing here celebrating 20 years for Eurodrip USA,” Trevor Thorley, CEO said in his presentation. Members of the Madera and farming communities came out to celebrate their two decades of service. Included in the guests were Madera Mayor Robert Poythress, John Anderson; representative of Senator Cannella, Madera Chamber President Debi Bray, Johnny Tacherra; Republican Candidate for California’s 16th District, and valued customers came to show their support. Employees and guests mingled while enjoying cupcakes and some of the agricultural bounty that California’s Central Valley has to offer.

From Then to Now

Starting in San Diego, CA, Eurodrip USA moved to Madera, CA in 2005 to be closer to the heart of agriculture. Eurodrip USA manufactures drip irrigation tubing and provides drip system components. “Our product serves not only California and the USA but Canada and Mexico as well. So the community of Madera is reaching out to provide product to farmers all over the country and beyond,” said Lance Goldsmith, VP of Sales and Marketing. Drip irrigation is a method that allows water to drip slowly into the soil, either below or above the surface via a network of tubing, emitters, valves, filters, and pipes. Drip maximizes water and nutrient efficiencies, helping the environment and the farmer’s bottom line.

In the Community

Eurodrip USA has grown substantially since they first put down roots in the United States in 1996. They are a strong part of Madera, employing over 100 people, giving back to the community, and helping farms be more efficient with their water use. “Eurodrip has been a great community partner over the years,” stated Madera Mayor Robert Poythress. Eurodrip USA is currently going through an expansion period, hiring on more specialists to help with the increased demand of their products.  They are active members in the Madera, Fresno and Tulare County Farm Bureaus and a partner to the farmers that they serve. 

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