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Our History

1979 – Eurodrip S.A. (International Headquarters) is founded and is the first European Company to become involved with drip irrigation. Its innovative method of welding drippers into a seamless pipe results in significant water conservation and greater crop yield.

1996 - Eurodrip USA, Inc. is formed as a subsidiary in San Diego, CA.  In the same year, Eurodrip is certified in accordance to ISO 9002 for its entire range of operations.

1998 - Eurodrip USA, Inc. transitions from a distribution company to a fully operational manufacturing unit, producing the complete range of Eurodrip products to better serve its North and South American markets.

2002 - Eurodrip USA expands to Mexico by establishing a fully owned subsidiary - Drip Irrigation de Mexico, which caters exclusively to the Mexican Market.

2005 - Eurodrip USA expands its Mexican subsidiary by opening a second warehouse with sales & service in Irapuato, Mexico to meet growing demand in the region.

2005 – Eurodrip USA moves to new 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Madera, California, the heart of California’s central valley.  The move also initiates an expansion plan that includes bringing all injection molding of thinwall drippers to the new facility for a fully integrated manufacturing process with greater flexibility and quality control.

2006 – Eurodrip USA increases its thinwall dripline capacity by over 30% and doubles its hardwall blank tubing and drip tubing (pressure compensating and non-pressure compensating) capacity.

2009 - Eurodrip USA, Inc. begins major plant energy efficiency projects to reduce energy consumption and improve overall plant efficiencies.  The company is awarded over $500,000 in PG&E incentives for its improvements. 

2010 - Eurodrip USA, Inc. increases its thinwall dripline capacity by 20% with the launch of manufacturing the Company's new Compact product line in its Madera, CA facility. 

2010 - Eurodrip USA, Inc. expands its Mexican subsidiary by opening a third warehouse with sales and service in Monterrey, Mexico to meet growing demand in the region.

2013 - Paine & Partners, LLC, an American company, completes acquisition of majority ownership of Eurodrip, leading provider of drip irrigation solutions

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