Eurodrip USA Design Program


Welcome to the Eurodrip Irrigation System Designer (EISD). This software program is designed to help Eurodrip customers quickly develop efficient and accurate irrigation system designs. The EISD is supplied with a pre-loaded information library. The library includes: 1. Pipe materials - including pipe type, internal diameters, friction factors, and weights. 2. Eurodrip hose and tape products - including product names, flow rates, internal diameters, coefficient of variations, etc. 3. Eurodrip equipment - such as filters. 4. Pumps – calculations for dynamic head, flow, efficiency, and input power.

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Please contact Eurodrip USA at 888-387-6374 or your regional sales
representative for access.

Operation of the EISD is simple:

1. Enter the basic System options Options Menu:
1a. User level - the System can be used at either the basic or advanced levels. The advanced level lets you build Project files containing data for pumps, pipelines, equipment, tape/hose designs, and manifold designs. That is, you can save up to ten sets of data for different pumps, transfer pipelines, equipment, tape/hose designs, and manifold designs in each Project file. You give it a Project name and decide where to store it on your computer. The basic level simplifies the screen displays but leaves all of the design functionality.
1b. Default Data drive - If using the Design System in the advanced mode you can identify a default data drive on which to save Project files.
1c. English or Metric units - You can choose to use English or Metric units. Note that you can use different units for different Projects if using the System in advanced mode.
1d. Accuracy level for calculations - The calculations addressing the hydraulics of tape/hose and manifold design are not exact. That is, they are iterative and are considered successful when a small enough margin of error is encountered. On this form you will set the number of iterations and the allowable error.

2. Enter the basic client data such as name, address, project name, and project location in the bottom half of the Main Project window.

3. Click one of the GOTO buttons to open the worksheets for:
3a. head losses through various types of hydraulic components - Equipment Losses
3b. head/flow/input power/costs calculations for pumping plants - Pumps
3c. head loss in a transfer pipeline - Pipelines
3d. hydraulic characteristics of tape/hose configurations - Hose/Tape Designs 3e. designing tapered manifolds - Manifold Designs

4. When in any of the worksheets, and assuming you are working in the Systems Advanced Mode, save any particular set of data. You can save up to 10 different data sets for any of the worksheets in any one Project file.

5. Return to the Project window to save the Project file.

6. Click File/Exit when ready to leave the Design System. Please refer to the “Help” tab for more detailed instructions.