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LeachMax-dripline-USA-smIn 2013 we tested our agricultural dripline on a number of gold and copper mines. It was quickly apparent that agricultural dripline can last 20+ years on a farm with filtered water, but it won’t last long on an unfiltered heap leach pad.

We conducted a study on how and where heap leach drippers plug. The results indicated that the primary plugging occurs at the inlet, where the leachate enters the dripper. The new LeachMax dripper has been designed with an extensive, multi-chambered inlet screen. If over 90% of the inlet is plugged, the dripper will still flow to full capacity. The LeachMax dripper is designed with an Accelerated Turbulence flow path to ensure that the velocity will carry any particles small enough to pass through the inlet screen through the dripper and out onto the leach pad.

We met with several heap leach operators, both on Arizona copper mines and Nevada gold mines. The miners helped determine flow rates and desired performance criteria. The result is our new mining dripline - LeachMax.

To learn more about LeachMax Heavywall Dripline and LeachMax LT Thinwall Dripline, visit the website.

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