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We created a simple to use valve key (click to download) to help you select and order your next Eurodrip USA valve. Just follow these steps:

  1. Note that all Eurodrip USA Valve part numbers start with the number 3. 
  2. Select the body material. We carry valves in plastic and iron. Copper tubing is also available. Note the corresponding single digit number. 
  3. Select the body type. Our plastic valves are inline and our iron valves are available in both inline and angle types. Note the corresponding single digit number.
  4. Select the size. Valves are available from 1"  - 16" depending on material and end connection. Note the corresponding single digit number.
  5. Select the end connection. We offer threaded, grooved and flanged valves. Note the corresponding double digit numbers.
  6. Select the function. This determines how your valve operates. We have a large range of standard functions. Note the corresponding single digit number. Custom functions are available upon request. To order a custom function valve, please call customer service (888) 387-6374.
  7. Select the solenoid. Select the solenoid based on your energy requirements and if you desire a normally open or normally closed valve. Note the corresponding double digit numbers. If you do not want a solenoid, enter double zeros (00).
  8. Select the pilot. We have a large selection of plastic and metal solenoids for your pressure reducing, pressure sustaining and quick acting needs. Note the corresponding triple digit number.
  9. Note that all Eurodrip USA Valve part numbers end with the number 4.

View information on our selection of plastic and iron hydraulic valves.

New Eurodrip USA Product Literature

Eurodrip USA is excited to announce the release of new product technical sheets. The new sheets were designed to make pertinent information easy to find and read. Technical details have been expanded. There are two ways to download and access the new product technical sheets. Each product technical sheet is available for dowload on the corresponding product page under the ATTACHMENTS tab or under the main menu DOWNLOADS page.

2014 Irrigation Association Trade Show Sponsor

Eurodrip USA was a sponsor at the 2014 Irrigation Show and Education Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Eurodrip USA made a splash with an open concept booth designed to attract the 4000+ conference attendees. The physical products in the booth were limited to enhance the open concept and 4 electronic iPad displays featured products in the following categories: thinwall dripline, heavywall dripline, valves, and filters. The show coincided with the new product launches of UniMax PC Thinwall Dripline and Olympus PC Heavywall Dripline which were highlighted on the digital displays. The booth staff was able to email product literature from each kiosk directly to the customers to reduce paper waste.  Seating groups featuring 12” orange valve tables created a welcoming and unique environment to sit down and discuss business with customers.

Brett Barry bending quarters with customersEurodrip USA hosted a customer appreciation party at the Hard Rock Café. The party goers experienced live music by Black Mountain Ambush and enjoyed a full fajita bar and drinks. Attendees were amazed and stunned at the entertainment of Mentalist, Brett Barry. Barry walked around and performed a variety of tricks including bending quarters, making untouched cards move, and influencing the minds of guests. This was a Eurodrip USA party to be remembered!

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