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Our global CEO, Mihalis Panagis, has resigned from Eurodrip. As some of you know, Mihalis has been the CEO of Eurodrip for the last 10 years and, under his leadership, has significantly grown the global company. Mihalis will stay on with Eurodrip for the next six months in a consultant role in order to ensure a smooth transition.

As we move forward, Paine + Partners has already identified a new CEO, Peter Berweger. As you can read in the press release below, Mr. Berweger comes from Syngenta and will start his role as Eurodrip’s global CEO starting August 1st.  We are confident that Mr. Berweger will pick up where Mihalis leaves off and continue to effectively lead Eurodrip as we enter the next stage of growth.

Official Press Release

Amanda Venegas of ABC30 visits Eurodrip USA manufacturing facility in Madera, CA

We had the exciting experience to be featured on ABC30's "Made in the Valley" Series. Reporter Amanda Venegas took a tour of our manufacturing facility to explore how we help farmers maximize their yields when water can be limited. Amanda spoke with Conchita Lopez, HR Manager, about how Eurodrip USA has been located in Madera since 2005 and how we have about 100 full time employees. Amanda was excited to learn that Eurodrip USA manufactures 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Conchita was able to share about the injection molding machine and how the drippers are made in the USA along with the dripline. View the full clip here.

The second interview clip features CEO/President Rowland Wilkinson and VP Sales and Marketing Lance Goldsmith. Rowland explains that the product we make right here in Madera gets shipped to farmers all over North America including US, Canada and Mexico. He explains how we extrude dripline and shows how it gets wound on coils for easy shipment. Lance explains how drip irrigation helps farmers use water efficiently to maximize their yields and fertilizer inputs. He also talks about how great it is to be a part of an industry that supports farmers and helps feed people both in the USA and around the world. View the full clip here.

We created a simple to use valve key (click to download) to help you select and order your next Eurodrip USA valve. Just follow these steps:

  1. Note that all Eurodrip USA Valve part numbers start with the number 3. 
  2. Select the body material. We carry valves in plastic and iron. Copper tubing is also available. Note the corresponding single digit number. 
  3. Select the body type. Our plastic valves are inline and our iron valves are available in both inline and angle types. Note the corresponding single digit number.
  4. Select the size. Valves are available from 1"  - 16" depending on material and end connection. Note the corresponding single digit number.
  5. Select the end connection. We offer threaded, grooved and flanged valves. Note the corresponding double digit numbers.
  6. Select the function. This determines how your valve operates. We have a large range of standard functions. Note the corresponding single digit number. Custom functions are available upon request. To order a custom function valve, please call customer service (888) 387-6374.
  7. Select the solenoid. Select the solenoid based on your energy requirements and if you desire a normally open or normally closed valve. Note the corresponding double digit numbers. If you do not want a solenoid, enter double zeros (00).
  8. Select the pilot. We have a large selection of plastic and metal solenoids for your pressure reducing, pressure sustaining and quick acting needs. Note the corresponding triple digit number.
  9. Note that all Eurodrip USA Valve part numbers end with the number 4.

View information on our selection of plastic and iron hydraulic valves.

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