Our Philosophy

Character – it’s what defines our customers and what the employees at Eurodrip USA, Inc. strive to represent everyday.  We do this through our unwavering commitment to producing only the highest quality products, always providing value to our customers and never losing sight of the fact that good people are the very foundation of the industry we serve.  Character takes time to build and we’ve been at it for over 27 years around the world and for more than 10 years here in the United States.

From its humble beginning in San Diego in 1996, Eurodrip USA, Inc. significantly expanded its operations and manufacturing capacity by moving to a new 57,000 sq. ft. facility in Madera, California in 2005.  The Company currently operates autonomously as a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Finance, a private equity firm that acquired Eurodrip USA, Inc. in 2005. To meet growing demand and better serve our customers, the Company not only added more state-of-the art extrusion lines, but we also fully integrated our seamless drip tape manufacturing in the new Madera facility with the addition of high-speed precision injection molding machines for all flat emitters.  As a result, we have even greater control of quality and our employees proudly stamp our seamless drip line products with 100% made in the USA.

There’s no fluff, hype or gimmicks at Eurodrip USA, Inc.  Simply stated, if it doesn’t provide real value to our customers, we don’t do it. We accomplish this through constant assessment of our internal practices relative to customer’s needs for quality, reliable, easy to use and affordable products. From research of the latest farming techniques to employing lean manufacturing to improving the way we personally service each irrigation dealer, we never stop working to bring more value to our dealers and customers.

In the fast-paced, electronic world we all live and work in today, it’s easy to lose sight of what really makes great companies – People.  The dedicated family of Eurodrip USA, Inc. employees is how we deliver everyday on our commitment to produce only the highest quality products that are sold and supported by knowledgeable professionals with many years of hands-on field experience.  Everyone at Eurodrip USA respects the hard work and appreciates the enormous results produced by farmers, growers, dealers and installers across this great country of ours.  From our family to yours, THANKS for choosing our drip irrigation products.


Eurodrip USA Employees
Madera, California