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Automatic Screen Filter


  • Primary filtration to remove organic and inorganic materials from agricultural water sources.


  • Large filtration surface area to minimize flush frequency.
  • The filtration process and the flushing cycle occur simultaneously, saving time and reducing impact on irrigation system flows.
  • Fully assembled filters delivered for easy installation.
  • Filter element and internal mechanisms are easily removed for periodic maintenance and cleaning.
  • All maintenance and wear items are interchangeable between filter sizes.

How Automatic Screen Filters Work

How an Automatic Screen Filter Works

Automatic screen filters continue to supply filtered water during the flushing cycles.

The water flows through the inlet (1) and enters through the pre-filter (2) to the inside of the filter element.

The water then passes through the screen (3), and the particles are retained on the inside of the filter element (screen). The filtered water then flows out through the outlet (4).

When the pressure differential from inlet to outlet of the filter reaches the pre-selected level the flushing cycle starts. The hydraulic valve opens the flush port (6) to atmosphere, which creates a vacuum in the inner nozzles (5). This, along with the helical movement forces captured particles through the inner nozzles into the waste flow and expels the particles out of the flush port.

The duration of the flush cycle is pre-determined by the control unit. When the cycle is complete the flush valve closes and the cycle ends. The flushing process uses a minimal amount of water.


Technical Specifications

  • Available screen mesh sizes:  80, 120, 150, and 200 mesh
  • Flanged Inlet/Outlet sizes:  4", 6", 8", 10"
  • Maximum pressure: 145 psi
  • Minimum pressure: 36 psi
  • AC, DC, and DCL voltage options available.     


Controller Features

  • Input voltage 115, 230 VAC (optional) 12VDC
  • Output selectable to operate 24VAC, 12VDC solenoids
  • Pressure differential (PD) gauge included
  • Periodic, manual, or pressure differential (PD) actuated
  • Simple programming
  • Resettable backflush count

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