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  • Excellent primary filtration, removes organic and inorganic materials from surface and well water.


  • Rugged carbon steel construction with internal/external fusion-bonded polyurethane epoxy coating.
  • Injection molded PVC underdrain with exclusive, precision- engineered underdrain system backed by a 15-year warranty.
  • Full coverage underdrain design promotes highly efficient backflush and more complete cleaning for longer intervals between flushes.
  • Exclusive backflush valve design for durability, reliability and low energy loss.
  • Modular inlet/outlet manifolds make system installation, changes and expansion both simple and economical.

How A Sand Media Filter Works


  1. The filtering process engages the use of a specified sand media to trap foreign matter on the surface layer, allowing filtered water to percolate through the sand media and internal v-slotted underdrain, discharging at the bottom of each tank to the outlet manifold.
  2. The backflush cycle flushes trapped debris from the sand media and out of the filter tanks. Each tank is flushed individually for maximum agitation of the sand media. Triggered by pressure differential, time, or manually, each tank’s backflush valve is alternately activated into the backflush mode, which simultaneously interrupts inlet flow to that particular tank. Overall system pressure then directs partial system flow back into and through the tank’s underdrain.


Flow continues for a prescribed period of time (typically 1 ½ minutes), suspending the foreign matter and carrying it out through the top port (normal inlet) and out through the backflush valve and piping. The backflush valve then returns to its original position and restores the now “clean” filter tank to normal service.



  • 21” tank - 150 psi
    32” tank - 125 psi
    48” tank- 80 psi
  • Maximum Flow Rates: 18 - 25 GPM/sq. ft. of filtration area depending on water quality
  • Manifolds:  Stainless Steel or Polypropylene
  • Backflush Valve: Cast Iron body

Sand Media Filter Specifications 

Sand Media Material Specifications Chart

Sand Media Layout Configurations Image

Sand Media Dimensions Chart


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